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Recently ive added lots of stuff.

First week of January I won the 2 1/87's from one of those Claw Grabbing Machines.

A Little later ( about Mid January ) I got the Dale Jr 1/64 VH1 From Nick Simko ( Thanks for the RAOK Nick! )

February 4th I got the 2012 #2 Miller Lite, 2012 #5 Farmers Insurance, 2012 #16 3M and the #24 AARP/Drive to End Hunger from my Local Dealer

February 5th I got the Jimmie Johnson and the Dale Jr Spin Master 1/64's
from my dad.

February 11th I got the Denny Hamlin Spin Master 1/64 and the Dale Jr Spin Master Pullback car

February 12th I got the Dale Earnhardt Jr Spin Master 1/64 Hauler from my dad ( as an early valentines day gift )

February 16th I got the 2012 #29 Budweiser, 2012 #42 Target and the 2012 #99 Fastenal from my Local Dealer

February 21st ( today ) I got the 2012 #1 Fedex Ground,2012 #27 Menards/Nibco, 2012 #31 Caterpillar and the 2012 #39 Tornados from @Dubbs ( Thanks Jason for the RAOK!!!! )

So heres all of my adds hope you enjoy!

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congrats on the adds
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