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... it was in 2000.

Grabbed this one from a FB seller. We agreed on a pretty fair price for it. The sleeve is as close to brand new as I've seen. Always very welcome when they arrive in this condition.

I expect many of you are aware but for those who aren't this is Earnhardt's lowest production number Elite from when he was alive.

DIN #13.


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Congrats on the add .. the Dale Sr. "Under the Lights" die-casts (Elite and ARC) have consistently maintained a substantially high market value over all other standard paint Dale Sr. die-cast for over two decades.

A testament considering 1,200 Elite and 2,304 ARC production quantities would be considered high with today's collector demographic and continual declining demand ...a rare exception of a continuing overall market trend.

I acquired mine (pictured below) privately from a collector who knew Dale Sr. personally twenty years ago. I have only seen one other Elite surface which was authentically signed by Dale Sr. in over two decades.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

I acquired this ARC version off ebaY around 20 years ago as well. I have only seen a few other ARC versions which were Dale Sr. authentically signed surface over the years on ebaY.

The ARC version of this die-cast was only mass produced as a clear window bank. This is the only die-cast bank I have ever had in my collection.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Hood

Happy Hunting Everyone.
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