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Authorized Dealer Network

Subscription Options.

  • Yearly: Contact Me
Interested dealers may Click Here to contact me for more details.

The Details.

Subscribing to this feature allows you access to your very own sub-forum for sales and support. This new format of the dealer network allows for greater emphasis upon the network and it's dealers by giving each dealer their own sub-forum that is sorted alphabetically amongst all other dealers for easy access by members who know you by name.

This allows a startup dealer or dealer with no webpage to potentially use this sub-forum to point their domain to as a temporary solution for a homepage. This also allows specific dealer listings to be accessed from the homepage of DCZ as indicated in one of the screenshots. Members can now directly access your listings by clicking on the applicable sub-forum link under the Authorized Dealer Classifieds forum link.

Finally, as I've learned in the past, the most popular link utilized on DCZ is the "Unread Posts" link and on that page every member can see an individually tailored page of the topics updated since their last visit listed in the order of the newest updated topic. That page remains unchanged so any new post made by a dealer will show up on that page in the order posted from newest to oldest.

If you are a diecast dealer, then you MUST subscribe to this feature in order to: Place any classified ads on the forum, Reply to any post to create a sale, or PM any member to solicit any type of sale.

Dealers of any type can NOT use Premium Memberships for any classifieds, but are encouraged to also become Premier Members to take advantage of the additional features that program provides. Premium Membership is for general (non dealer) member classifieds only.

Benefits and Guidelines.

  • Authorized Dealers have the freedom to sell any item at whatever price point they choose.
  • All Authorized Dealers will have access to their own sub-forum which sets itself apart from the regular classifieds forum and must be used to list any ads in. Dealers ads are not to be placed in the general classified forum.
  • All Authorized Dealer's classified listings will be highlighted for extra exposure within search results such as the unread posts page.
  • All Authorized Dealers have access to a support forum that can be used to address any questions or comments from members of Diecast CraZy.
  • All Authorized Dealers are listed with a link to their website in a sidebar block on the homepage.
  • All Authorized Dealers can send up to (3) 468x60 banners to be featured and linked to their website in the banner rotator at the top of the forum. Banners can be sent to [email protected]
  • Authorized Dealers will have exclusive rights for taking pre-orders for upcoming releases.
  • Authorized Dealers will have exclusive rights to all sales of new releases for 30 days from the time they are received by a distributor, or as soon as a dealer has the ability to start fulfilling orders.
  • All Authorized Dealers must maintain a good image persona to the members and staff.
  • Posting in another Dealers ad soliciting sales of any type will NOT be permitted. Harrassing fellow Dealers in the public forum, private messages, or any other form of contact within Diecast CraZy is strictly prohibited. Any dealer found in violation of this or any other action deemed detrimental toward the good of the Authorized Dealer Program, or the community in general, will have their continued participation in this program reviewed by Staff and potentially revoked.
  • Remember, this program is in place as a service to the membership at Diecast CraZy and should be regarded as a privilege.

After Signing Up.

  • Please send me a private message or email [email protected] with a link to your storefront (if you have one) and the desired name for your very own sub-forum here on Diecast CraZy.
  • Please email up to (3) 468x60px banners to [email protected].
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for your sub-forum, store links, and banners to be added.
Everyone involved within Diecast CraZy is here to help each and every dealer be successful within this community but that takes cooperation from every dealer as well. This means that all dealers must be respectful to the staff, members, and most of all their fellow dealers.

We know that competition is stiff but respect must be given to any and all dealers. Dealers who feel threatened by other dealers are free to report any evidence to support their claim. Evidence will be reviewed and any offending dealer can and will have their dealer subscription revoked at anytime for unsportmanslike conduct and actions that threaten the integrity of this community.
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