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Bernie: Teams want Bahrain GP | Planet F1 | Formula One News

The 2011 Bahrain GP was cancelled due to unrest in Gulf state and this season's race has been in the spotlight for some time.
In recent times there has been another spike in protests within Bahrain and it has been suggested that protesters may look to use the race to make a political statement.
Despite this, Ecclestone insists that he is committed to the April 22 event and that the teams are also on board.
"It's difficult to know exactly about the politics in their country or any of that part of the world now, as we can see," he toldSky Sports.
"But the teams are all committed to be there, and will be there, and want to be there and like to be in Bahrain.
"Up until now we've never had any problems in Bahrain and we sincerely hope when we get there this year there won't be any problems."
"Is it good for the country?" he mused. "Personally, I believe yes. I really believe yes."
In fact, the Briton is of the opinion that the presence of such a large sporting event will help to keep Bahrain and its problems in the spotlight.
"It still concentrates an awful lot of attention on Bahrain, whereas otherwise it might be slipped in the back and whatever's going on there might continue to go on," he said.
"Maybe this will highlight people's interest and, say, what is happening there and whatever it is, could it be sorted out."
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