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Here's the list of all my Bobby Labonte Door Number cards that match up with his car number. I'm up to twenty-eight 18's, five 43's and one 96! Hope you enjoy!

1996 Press Pass Emerald Proof

2003 High Gear Carmeleon

2004 High Gear

2004 Under Cover Red

2005 High Gear

2005 Stealth

2005 Stealth

2006 Skidmarks Holofoil

2006 Under Cover Holofoil

2006 Under Cover Red

2004 Pit Stoppers

2005 Press Pass

2004 Trackside

2005 Under Cover Silver

2006 Legends Bronze

2002 Under Cover

2006 Champion Threads

2001 Burning Rubber

2002 Burning Rubber

2008 Stealth Chrome

2004 Flag Chasers Green

2009 Element Radioactive

2001 Lugnut

2008 Legends

2003 Pit Stoppers DS

2002 Double Burner

2002 Firesuit

2002 Sheetmetal

2009 Press Pass

2004 Hot Threads

2009 Legends Family

2003 Pit Stopper TS

2005 Press Pass Platinum

2006 Wheels High Gear MPH

2005 Under Cover TS

1998 Triple Gear

2010 Press Pass Signings


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Serial Labonte's Updated

Pretty sweet stuff. Cards numbered to the drivers door number is sweet, especially when it is your favorite. I got that Wimmer Triple hat numbered 22/160. Do you find these on Ebay or have you bought some cards and pulled a Labonte numbered 18/100 or whatever?

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Serial Labonte's Updated

Ebay, other collecting sites and even found one by Google-ing 0018. A guy had it listed under his cards for trade at another site, which in turn led me to another one that a person had at that site. I've never pulled one out of a pack. I've pulled a 017/100, but that's the closest I've been to one.

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Serial Labonte's Updated

nice collection, extra nice that they coincide with the car #

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Re: Serial Labonte's Updated

Believe that is just amazing I could have the patience to do that. I would love to have something serialed from Labonte like you do. Best I can say was I was 18th in line to meet him back in 02 lol.

Dont worry TA, Im sure that most of them are still out there and available. Believe just goes for the #13, and has a nice Black pen! lol, jk Bill, nice collection
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