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I found a case at walmart! Bought the whole thing!!!

the case had 12 cars total

3 Montoya Test with pit board
3 Harvick Test with pit board
2 Kenseth car and pit board
2 Ragan car with pit board
2 Jarrett car with pit board

now I dont want to post a double thread in collector classifieds so heres the thing

THEY ARE FOR SALE some are spoken for already
they are 10.00 each shipped. If u buy more than one we can adjust the shipping cost.
here is what I have left.
2 Montoya
1 Harvick
2 Ragan
1 Kenseth
2 Jarrett

PM ME I will come on later tonite and go in order on a first come first serve basis!!

Enjoy. Im sorry if this posted in the wrong place racer but I dont want to post a double thread.

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great finds, now they just need to show up down here

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This wave just showed up in one of the Wal-Marts here in the Norfolk area, but still no American Heroes cars.
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