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Brawn: W03 can win races | Planet F1 | Formula One News

After clinching the Championship double in 2009 as Brawn GP, the Englishman sold the F1 team to Mercedes. However, since then results have slumped.
Racing under the Mercedes banner, the team has so far failed to win a single grand prix while last season they were also not able to reach the podium.
This year, though, Brawn sees no reason why his drivers can't finish in the top three and even do so with a victory.
"I think you always believe that," he told Autosport when asked if the W03 had the 'genes of a winning car'.
"You want a winning car and I have not seen anything that tells me it shouldn't be.
"Sometimes you have a car and you struggle with it and you see things that you say are not working how we expected and wanted, but certainly there is nothing about this car that says we should not achieve our ambitions - and our ambitions are to do a lot better than we have done for the past two years."
But while the car may have what it takes to win races, Brawn admits he doesn't know if it will as he doesn't know how it will compare to its rivals.
"It is difficult to judge because you don't know what fuel other people are running," he said.
"When you see a car out there that starts a race stint then you have to assume that it starts on full fuel and the weights are representative and you will see an accurate model of what they are doing.
"Some of the race runs look good and some don't look so good, and I suspect the cars will change again before we get to Melbourne.
"Some teams have gone for a design that is clearly still blowing the exhaust in the area of the rear tyre - that may have an effect when rear tyre degradation is critical because it is much more difficult to manage where the exhaust flow goes this year than it was last year.
"Last year it was quite precise, this year it is more general because you cannot have the exhaust pipes to blow through the diffuser.
"There will be some interesting twists and turns over the first few races."
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