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Brendan Gaughan retiring after 2016?

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Final season for Brendan Gaughan? It is Tuesday of NASCAR Week, high noon, the Coronado Cafe at South Point. Michael Gaughan, who owns the joint, is about to break bread with his board of directors, which is what he calls the men who serve as his department heads and confidants. The topic switches to auto racing. Michael Gaughan is asked if he is proud of what Brendan Gaughan, his youngest son who has turned 40, has accomplished on the racetrack. He nods his head. His way of saying, yes, he is very proud. Then he says this season probably is going to be it for Brendan. What?

Yes, this is probably going to be Brendan Gaughan's last season driving the black and yellow gold #62 South Point Chevy in the Xfinity Series for Richard Childress. Last season was to have been it, his old man said. But Childress talked him into letting Brendan make another season of left-hand turns - Childress' racing grandsons, Austin Dillon and Ty Dillon, really like having Brendan around, Michael said.

The next day, Brendan Gaughan will say that he and his old man have yet to sit down and talk about this being it. But if his old man decides not to write the check, then yes, that will be it, because it's difficult to be competitive in NASCAR without a good sponsor, no matter how heavy one's foot is. In chatting with Brendan Gaughan, one laughs a lot. For a kid of means, he doesn't have a spoiled bone in his body. Instead of pretension, you get self-deprecating humor. You get the impression he'd like to drive Richard Childress' car and hang out with the Dillon boys for at least one more season after this one. Or two.(Las Vegas Review-Journal)(3-4-2016)
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Rich Children Racing will miss his fathers money.
I love Brendan Gaughan, he's one of NASCAR's best personalities. I'd to see him leave NASCAR
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I know Gaughan's dad's sponsorship money is what's keeping Brendan in NASCAR right now, but he's a great guy, and I hope this season (assuming it'll be his last) is a successful one!
If thats what Brendan wants then ill be happy for him. Hes an awsome dude. Ill never forget when he heard my accent and said "y'all aint from Arkansas are ya?" haha
This comes as a bit of a surprise.
He could prolly get a NCWTS ride w/o his Daddy's money. That was where he was most competitive.....
Glad I got to see him race in person one last time.
I know he's not setting the world on fire, but he has one of the best personalities and I'd hate to see him leave altogether.

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Brendan Gone.

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