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Bubba Wallace has right side of his car torn off in horrifying crash

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By Tom Jensen

Saturday's Boyd Gaming 300 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway was red-flagged with 63 laps to go following a horrifying crash in Turn 2 that fortunately did not result in any serious injuries.
It happened when Cody Ware spun his No. 25 Chevrolet in Turn 2, only to slide down the track where it was collected by the onrushing No. 6 Ford driven by Bubba Wallace. Justin Marks was also involved.
The savage impact left the XFINITY Series drivers shaken, but OK.
"Thank the Lord that we all walked away okay," said Wallace. "That second impact was pretty good too. I am here and talking to you. All good. I hate it for my guys. I was having so much fun here. Ten laps ago I was thinking how good this place was to me. Guess I spoke too soon."

Bubba Wallace has right side of his car torn off in horrifying XFINITY Series crash at Las Vegas

Wallace, Marks Walk Away from Vicious Vegas Crash

By Joey Chapman

A vicious late-race crash brought out a 19-minute red flag and ended several top contenders’ day during the Boyd Gaming 300 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
With 65 laps to go, the lapped car of Cody Ware spun at the top of Turn 2 and hit the outside wall. When he was unable to keep his No. 25 Chevrolet against the wall, the car slid down the track in front of oncoming traffic and calamity ensued.
Drivers had little time to react, and Darrell Wallace Jr. drilled the side of his No. 6 Ford Mustang into Ware. While trying to avoid the crash, Justin Marks lost control and hit the outside wall before slamming Wallace hard in the driver’s side.
Although both had been running in the top 10, the hard crash left Wallace and Marks with nothing to show for it. Wallace, who was worried about hitting his marks and battling the traffic around him, said there was nothing he could do to avoid the accident.
“We were running our own race there,” Wallace said, after being released from the care center. “I think the 98 was inside of us there and got us clear so we were focused on him. By the time we had seen the 25 it was too late; I was already pinched sideways. It was a helluva hit, but I just thank the Lord that we all walked away okay.
“That second impact was pretty big too but I’m here talking to you, I’m all good. I just hate it for my guys; we were improving on our Ford Mustang all day and it’s such a bummer. I was having so much fun and 10 laps ago I was like, ‘This place is good to me,’ and I guess I spoke too soon.”
Marks found himself in the same situation as Wallace, with the track closing up and little time to react.
“It’s always tough when a car wrecks and it doesn’t stay up there and starts sliding down so we all have to make a decision pretty quick whether we’re going to go high or go low,” Marks said. “When the spinning car comes down the race track you have to make that decision pretty quickly and it looks like it was a matter of luck for five or six of us whether we were going to make it through or not.”
To wreck in his first start at a mile-and-a-half track since 2011 was disappointing for Marks, especially since his No. 42 Chevy was fast all afternoon.
“I hate it for this Katerra team, all the Chip Ganassi Racing guys worked really hard this weekend and we had a really good car running solidly in the top 10,” he said. “I think we were going to have a good top-10 run but I’m back in the car next week at Phoenix and we’ll just try to finish the job there.”

Wallace, Marks Walk Away from Vicious Vegas Crash – POPULAR SPEED
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That was such a gnarly crash!
That look like it stung
No excuse for the caution waving so late. Safety is the one thing nascar does well, let's not screw it up
Ouch! That's not going to buff out.
That was really tough. Hitting Ware was bad to begin with, but the second impact from Marks didn't help. Glad no one was seriously hurt, though.
Wow, hate that for Ware's team. That's the primary they were using for the 25 for the west coast swing. Don't know what their going to do now. A lot of work to get the back up ready in time. Glad all were ok!
That was a nasty wreck!
That was a bad hit by Wallace. Tore the rear wheel right off.

My friend and college roommate was joking that it looked like something that happened to me on NR2003. Glad Bubba and everyone else is alright. That was a hell of a crash
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