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Ok, I got my first CFS Champion Series car earlier this week and I was pretty impressed with it. I decided to put it up against my 2007 MA counterpart. Here's what I see in comparison with the two cars with pictures. Both are #4 Ward Burton Chevrolets. Not exactly the same paint scheme, but it's as close as I can get. Camera quality is awful, yes, but it still helps illustrate what I'm saying.

Round 1 (top view; CFS on top, MA on bottom)

CFS winner. The wrench holes on the CFS is painted, as well as the window bracing on the front and back. Interior under the windshield is also a bit more detailed and painted.

Round 2 (front view; CFS on left, MA on right)

Draw. The headlight decals are bigger and more accurate on the MA car. CFS earns points with the silver grille, but that's not exactly being accurate. A lot of grilles are actually black. CFS also wins with the radio antennia and better detail on the hood pins (hard to see in pic).

Round 3 (side-by-side; CFS on left, MA on right)

Round 3 continued (top-to-bottom; CFS on top, MA on bottom)

MA wins. Once again, I have to talk about the contingency decals. MA is on the ball, CFS isn't. The window net is also fabric on MA and is rubber/plastic on CFS. Corner panel decals also look better on the MA car.

Round 4 (rear view; CFS on left, MA on right)

Round 4 continued (trunk open; CFS on left, MA on right)

Draw. Details in the trunk are just slightly better on the MA car. But CFS is more accurate in painting of the rear end. I also like the 'locking' opening on the trunk on the MA car over the CFS car. The tail light decals are actually a tad bigger on the CFS car, but it looks better.

Round 5 (open trunk; CFS on left, MA on right)

MA in landslide. MA, by far, has the better details engine. Hard to see it in the pics, but it's not a contest. CFS puts up and effort, but MA has done its homework. Again, I like the 'locking' opening on the hood in the MA as well. CFS lacks this feature.

Round 6 (other)
CFS wins. Weight is about the same on both cars. Roof flaps are about equal. CFS has a better looking interior, but MA has a working steering wheel.
Under the car, CFS is better from the front wheels back whereas MA is better from the firewall to the nose. CFS has a nice, working chassis on both the front and rear wheels. MA works a little on the front, but barely any travel.

Overall... draw.

Sorry to say, but I can't pick a clear winner. Both are very nicely done in their own ways. If they took the strengths of both cars and put them together, they would have a car that would be just awesome. CFS severly lacks the drivers, but not the talent to put together a good product. If CFS can get some top names, they'll be able to compete with MA/Action. Competition is GOOD.

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Great post Tater-- thanks for the info!!

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well it sounds like if you take both car apart and replace all the good piece from one car and switch it all aroundto the other, you will have at least one really nice car.
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