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checkered flag sports info

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saw people with questions, so i called them

things you may or may not know:

they have 6 main drivers; marlin, martin, blaney, gordon...robby, raines and mayfield.

they are producing right now 2 styles of 1/24 and a 1/64 of each for each driver in the regular stock car

they plan on doing a COT for each driver. if possible in both scales.

i was also told they plan on more drivers next year if the success they are having continues. as they said, rcca/M.A. and winners circle need some competition.

their cars are available thru dealers, or thru the nascar.com store.

i am sorry, i wanted to post the phone number so anyone on here could call. they were very nice.

no, i don't collect nascar items anymore (treasure hunts...hot wheels if you find one)

but, i am a member of the lounge, so i took the initiative to get this info. hopes it helps some out, and it's not repetative to all.
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Thanks for the info. I Googled CFS and got a website. I emailed, saying I was interested in becoming adealer, and I received a catalog. Not much in it, but you can do it also, it gives you the oportunity to order direct. As far as I can see, there are no minimums to order. If I find out anymore I will post again.
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