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Like some of you, I was curious about the differences between the Circle B 1/64 diecast cars and the "regular releases" from Lionel/Action. After email correspondence with Circle B, here are the differences.

1.) Circle B cars have a die-cast chassis; Lionel cars have a plastic chassis...

2.) Circle B cars have rubber tires; Lionel's are plastic

3.) Circle B cars have different packaging: black boxes with red stripe AND the words: "limited edition adult collectable" in upper right corner of the box; Lionel releases are primarily white with blue stripe and "Ages 4 & up" in the upper right hand corner.

4.) The SKU #s are ever so slightly different. (Example: 2021 Circle B edition cars have a "1" in place of the "5" in the SKU; So, the Chase Elliott UniFirst Lionel release is "CX92165UNFCL"...The circle B is "CX92161UNFCL"

5.) The Circle B releases are more expensive ($14.99 vs. $8.99) and are limited to 576 cars (I have no clues as to why!) I'm going to ask about that in my next email.

So, guys and gals, there you have it. Forgive the pun, but for my money (and collection), the Circle B's are far more collectible...If I find any other differences, I will post them here!
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