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******SITE NEWS******

Site voted best forum on the web for diecast knowledge by M/A

Site finally reaches 1,000,000 post

Site member numbers reaches 3,000, but 2,500 are bots

******NASCAR NEWS******

Jeff Gordon retires after giving up on the "drive for 5"

Tony Stewart goes on the Jared "Subway" Diet

JJ Yeley finally figures out what that pedal in between the clutch and accelerator is used for

Ricky Rudd wins Championship after driving 7 different cars in 1 season

Dale Jarrett finally drives the truck

Carl Edwards breaks hip doing backflip

Mark Martin announces he "will" retire next year

Ken Schrader keeps same sponsor for more than 3 years

Dale Earnhardt Jr under investigation after the mysterious disappearance of stepmother Teresa

Chase expanded to top 25 and/or 800 points

10 years after Suzuki fields cars Yugo says they will field cars next season

******MEMBER NEWS******

Believe---- voted "Best Member" for 20 years straight

Billy Kingsley---- wins Final Jeopardy with the subject of "Nascar Paints Schemes"

CSR---- 20 years and 20 cars later finally decides to let Steph drive

DP98---- over the last 20 years has been known as DP19, DP36, DP47, DP95, DP50.........

fishin4cars---- after 20+ years of collecting has to give in and buy warehouse to store all of the diecast

Ron3fan---- voted peace keeper of the forum for 2 decades straight

gordon24--- after 20 years of waiting has to finally take down "Gordon drive for 5" out of his signiture, when Gordon retires

kwik--- finds out that after 20 years Winners Circle does hold its value and wishes he still had all of them

Mearsfan25---- still waiting for Mears to win a Championship

NEW2---- after playing golf with Kurt Busch for 20 years finally gets offered job being official paint scheme designer

racersimage---- after 20 years has bragging rights to having first site member with a son in the "Chase for the Cup"

kimsdad---- wins "RCR Sweepstakes" to drive around Daytona in #3 Goodwrench

#1kahnefan---- still has outstanding deals waiting

SpeedFreak---- wins the Powerball and buys out DEI

Timmy81---- finally shows his 50,000 car collection

selby92---- 20 years later still wont let go of what Stewart said before Daytona 2006


KK3869---- Finnally put in a Collector's Lounge News segment after being ignored for 20 years

PAUL BARTLE---- joined forced with SB99 and SB12 to create largest custom nascar shop called "ACROSS THE POND CUSTOMS"

JJ48Fan---wins contest to race golf carts with Jimmie Johnson ---JJ48FAN gets blame for accident

melloyello20---- gets aforementioned wreck on tape and wins on "Funniest Home Videos"

geebi44---- has most valuable collection of cards when he pulls all 5 1/1 auto'd 5 piece raced used printing plates of the 2027 rookie class in 1 box bought from dodgerblue38501's shop

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dont take offense, just having a lil fun. but seriously guys i love this site and all of yall. I just figured all of us could have a good laugh at the future.

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" geebi44---- has most valuable collection of cards when he pulls all 5 1/1 auto'd 5 piece raced used printing plates of the 2027 rookie class in 1 box "

Man, I hope he pulled those at my shop. LOL! Awesome job Joker. That was some good stuff.

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updated for those that felt left out, lol
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