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Losing his No. 1 qualifying spot to Courtney Force at the NHRA Kansas Nationals was no big surprise to her father John. The 16-time champion knows how headstrong his baby girl is.
A father/daughter disagreement on Thursday evening before the event confirmed what he already knew.
“Our biggest fight was over a steak,” said Force. “I’m just from the old world, when you order your food you eat your food. We went into the restaurant I said, ‘I want a steak, I haven’t eaten real food in a while because I’m dieting.” 

“I’ve got to have meat. We go in the restaurant, she orders her steak. She never eats steak … ever. ‘I’m going to eat steak because of you dad,” she says. 

“She orders a steak, and it was cooked wrong. She said I wanted it this way and I said well you tell the lady. The lady was great, came back, it’s going to be a few minutes late but we’ll fix it. Well they brought it back and somehow the guy just totally cooked it wrong. She took a few bites and said, ‘I can’t eat this’ and she shoved it away.”
Force admits her actions angered him.
“I was mad,” Force said with a smile on his face. “I don’t care, there are starving kids in China and in my home town of Bell Gardens. You’re going to eat that.”
Courtney refused.
“She reared up against me and her mother sat there and I said, first of all you never say no to your dad, ever,” Force said. “She said ‘I’m 26 years old - when do I get to be my own person?’”
Force recalled she went on to say, “You beat me up over Atlanta, you beat me up over a steak.’ I responded, “You’re going to eat that steak, we’re going to sit here all night.”
They sat for 40 minutes, Force admitted. And so did the unwanted steak, uneaten – the first major victory over her dad in Topeka.
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