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Have you guys seen these? I was on rpmcollectibles and noticed that they are releasing past 500 champion cars in 1:24 scale for the 50th Anniversary. I was browsing through and noticed they have several up for pre-order. These include....

Benny Parsons 1975
Bill Elliott 1985
Dale Earnhardt 1998
Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2004
Dale Jarrett 1993
Darrell Waltrip 1989
Davey Allison 1992
Jeff Gordon 1997
Jimmie Johnson 2006
Kevin Harvick 2007
Michael Waltrip 2001
Richard Petty 1964
Richard Petty 1981
Sterling Marlin 1994
Ward Burton 2002

Id be interested in a few and I really really hope they release Derrike Cope's.

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They would be cool if they re-make them. Not re-release them in the same castings and cars as they were originally. I remember the Kenny Irwin Raybestos car, it was an old Action low detail "Brick". The same car as they had been making years and years before. Cheap overhead, big return.
If they would make new castings for them and they were nicely detailed, they WOULD be cool.
I guess they will have to for some, as they were never made, it will be interesting.

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demondecko said:
The descriptions for the cars have them listed as Action Platinum series cars.
That leaves the door wide open to re-release the old castings, as that is what the ARC cars were called back in the day. It's gonna be really disappointing if they re-use the old body castings, interiors etc.

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I did see a pre order for a 1/64 7 car set for Richard Petty (one for each of his Daytona 500 wins). I didn't see any other Daytona winner 1/64 preorders though.

I am looking forward to the Pettys and the Burton and Marlin

I would like to seen some other 500 winners included like Derrike Cope's or Pete Hamilton, or even Mario Andretti and AJ Foyt.

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I discovered that too, after I posted. That'll be some new tooling from Action, they don't have all those in their lineup.

If I can afford it, I'll be getting several sets to use for custom work :)

I hope they issue them indivigually too, because I need about 40 of the 81 Buick...Maybe I can get someone to cast them in resin for me.
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