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De la Rosa new GPDA chairman | Planet F1 | Formula One News

Having been dropped by Williams, Barrichello's illustrious career in F1 has come to an end - at least for now - and as a result he will not be able to continue as GPDA chairman.
It has now been revealed that the F1 drivers voted last year that should Barrichello not return to the grid that he would be replaced by de la Rosa.
The Spaniard is no stranger to the role having chaired the association from 2008 to 2010.
"I always like to be part of the GPDA in some form," de la Rosa told Autosport.
"I think the GPDA is a much more important organisation than some people might think. The fact that we are nearly all together, it makes us very strong. The atmosphere in the meetings is good - there are no problems between the drivers.
"We're all in the same boat, we're pushing together, and I'm very happy to be back."
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