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Dempsey Racing advances into P2 - Racer.com

Dempsey Racing confirmed its newest addition to its motorsports platform, with the Friday announcement of its ALMS P2 program to debut later this year. Team principals Patrick Dempsey and Joe Foster are hoping to debut the team's Lola Judd coupe, on Michelin tires, at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in March.
For Dempsey, the program is an expansion after already adding a PC car in partnership with Silicon Tech Racing for drivers Henri Richard, Duncan Ende and Dane Cameron (ABOVE), and besides its Mazda RX-8 GT program in the Grand-Am Rolex Series.
“We've been working for our partners to make this possible, and we'd love to be at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca if the testing works out,” Dempsey said.
Foster elaborated on the team's outlook.
“We'll go testing and we'd like to premiere there,” he said. “If Patrick's day job gets in the way, we'll wait. We expanded our team this year into separate groups. We don't want our employees to get burned out. We moved our premises, but our existing programs can and will continue. Mazda is taking a good, hard look at the ACO rules (for expanding with a P2 engine).”
Dempsey, whose history in sports car racing began at the Panoz school and also included a 2009 start at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the Advanced Engineering/Team Seattle Ferrari F430, noted the opportunity to drive a P2 car was the next logical step in his progression.
“You learn that making a mistake is amplified (as an actor driving),” he explained. “But I love the camaraderie, the team, and the excitement of this. If I take criticism, it's because it's well-deserved. I do this to escape, and love to race.”
Dempsey added he hopes to see the team return to Le Mans next year, ideally with Mazda and SKYACTIV technology. The team's announced corporate partners include Trina Solar, GNC Beverages and Motegi Racing.
A third driver has not been selected, but Cameron, who's starred in sporadic PC outings and will be in the team's PC car this week, might be a good option.
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