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Very interesting statistic

Did you know? All 10 drivers that started in the top 10 at Las Vegas failed to finish in the top 10. On average, between four and five drivers that start in the top 10, finish in the top 10, but not this weekend. So how long has it been since all 10 drivers failed to finish in the top 10 [in a Nextel Cup race]? How about 1,421 races ago. On July 4, 1965, all 10 drivers that started in the top 10 failed to finish in the top 10. Almost 42 years ago. It happened at Daytona. Marvin Panch was the pole sitter and would become the highest finisher among the top 10 starters. Marvin finished 12th and led 39 laps. He would retire from the race after 136 laps of the race's 160 laps [only 14 cars of 40 were running at the finish]. In fact, the top 10 starters that day led 130 laps. AJ Foyt (started 11th) would grab the win, leading the other 30 laps that day. Not only did the top 10 starters in 1965 finish outside the top 10, but all 10 posted a DNF, 3 engines, 3 crashes, 1 heating issue, 1 fuel pump, 1 rocker arm and even 1 driver [Junior Johnson] is listed as 'quit'. The top 10 starters at Vegas this weekend didn't fair that bad, only scoring 3 DNFs. But they all finished outside the top 10, ending a string of 1421 races with at least top 10 starter finishing in the top 10.(LTPicks.com)(3-13-2007)
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