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Domenicali confident Massa can prevail - Racer.com

Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali says Felipe Massa's performance during the 2008 season should act as a reminder that the Brazilian's poor start to 2012 can be overcome.
Massa failed to score a point in the first two races of 2008, but then went on to fight for the title until the final grand prix of the season, where he lost out to Lewis Hamilton by just one point.
The Ferrari driver has not been on the podium since the 2010 Korean Grand Prix, and he has endured a tough start to the season, having not scored any points yet to his teammate Fernando Alonso's 35. Massa decided to cancel a trip home after the Malaysian Grand Prix in order to travel to Ferrari's factory in Maranello to try to get to the bottom of his problems.
Domenicali said the Brazilian needs the support of the team, as is convinced Massa is still capable of much more.
"I well remember that, four years ago, in fact right after a Malaysian Grand Prix, which was won for us by Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe was more or less in the same situation as today," said Domenicali. "The papers were demanding his immediate replacement and he managed to react in the best way possible, thanks to support from the team, which saw him win two of the next three races.
"We remember how that particular season ended, with the Brazilian actually World Champion – even if it was just for a few seconds – while we took our 16th constructors' title.
"Felipe has changed his plans and, instead of heading home to see his family in Brazil, he will be in Maranello tomorrow to work alongside the engineers to calmly analyze everything that happened in these past two races, trying to identify why he was not able to deliver what he is capable of. That's the right spirit and we are here, ready to help him."
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