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Ecclestone: No fears over Bahrain GP - Racer.com

Bernie Ecclestone says Formula 1 teams have absolutely no concerns about the situation in Bahrain, and insists the race will go ahead as planned.
"We are planning to go. I've always said that if there was going to be any drama, it would be on the 'Day of Rage,'" Ecclestone told Britain's The Telegraph newspaper. "They would have to do something then. People there seem confident that a race two months away will be all right.
"The teams are not the slightest bit concerned. They seem happy that things will go ahead without problems. Last year was a more clear-cut decision not to go but things have changed a lot since then."
Last year's race was first postponed and then canceled.
On Tuesday, armored vehicles patrolled Bahrain's capital Manama on the one-year anniversary of the uprising, with police firing tear gas at protesters.
"The only message I got was that there were some kids in trouble with the police," Ecclestone added.
Last week, a group of British politicians urged the FIA to cancel the event, scheduled for April, because of the unrest in the country. This was countered on Monday by a second group of British parliament representatives express disagreement with that call.
"We've always been non-political," Ecclestone said. "Any decision will be made on grounds of safety."
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