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In a move that had been rumored for weeks, ESPN announced
yesterday it had come to terms with Emmitt Smith as a prime-time
football studio analyst. The former Cowboys running back replaces
Michael Irvin, who parted ways with ESPN last month and was a
teammate of Smith's in Dallas from 1990-1999. "I was hoping to have
an opportunity to work right alongside [Irvin], but obviously that's
not going to happen," Smith said. "It is tough to replace a guy that
I am close to." Smith worked for NFL Network last season, but he
will find himself in a much more prominent position at ESPN, where
he will work on "Sunday NFL Countdown" and "Monday Night Countdown."
Former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells also will work as an analyst on
"Monday Night Countdown," though Parcells will broadcast from
ESPN's Bristol, Conn.

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KK3869 said:
meh at least Irvin was better than Eaisson or Bradshaw
Well I couldn't stand Irvin, he always talked like he was talking to Michael Irvin instead of being a commentator. He was also a racisit, talked about how Tony Romo must have had black ancestors because of his athletic ability, stuff like that is why he is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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