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And more arrivals. Cases up and a couple more to go before I can enter a contest.

Team Caliber Double Barrel
Tire Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle

Action Elite Wawawawwawawwwaaa (teacher speak; if you watched Peanuts, you know what I mean)
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Action Pinstripes (I am a Pirates fan, but I do like this scheme)
Wheel Car Vehicle Tire Automotive tire

TC Dexter (its no Justice Friends, but it’ll do)
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Elite Havoline (because I looked through my collection and didn’t Havoline any of this livery). Thanks, I’m here all week. Try the chicken, because I don’t eat veal.
Tire Land vehicle Wheel Car Vehicle

Elite might-as-well-have-this-livery-since-they-take-all-my-money-with-checking-fees
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

and wash it all down with some TC Preferred Crown
Wheel Vehicle Tire Car Automotive tire

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very nice adds. JAMIE and BUCKSHOT 2 of my favs :)
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