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February Adds

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Got some new die-casts in last month and early this month. Think holds me over until May, June when champion cars & Homestead start. Unless something I need pops up on eBay, of course. ;)

2015 Kentucky Win -

2015 M&M's Halloween & 2016 Interstate Batteries 1/64

2016 M&M's, Arris, & Stanley Tools 1/64 -
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Nice, I already miss that Crispy scheme. So much better than the 75th Anniversary scheme he's run so far this year.
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Nice adds! I am waiting on the Homestead win version myself.
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Those Toyotas are Sharp. Nice Haul!
About to get my Kyle Busch 2016 M&M's 1:64 in, great adds!
Neat batch of JGR adds! Congrats!
Great adds. I need to get those Kyle 1/64 cars

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Nice adds! I agree, I like the crispy car better too!
Great group of adds...Congrats!
Nice looking group of captures. The Crispy car is sweet. Congrats.
Nice adds.
Nice adds
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