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Finally a new Harvick add

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Love this scheme. Can't wait to get the Busch Light one. And hopefully a retro at Darlington.
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Very nice addition,Congrats
I'm holding out for that Busch Light car!
Nice congrats!
Great add Ben !!!!! I will wait for a raced win version
Very nice! Great Add!
I'm after the same car in 1/64 and can't wait to get it.
I really like that scheme too, might end up picking it up sometime this year.
Nice add
Great Harvick add! The more I see that scheme, the more I like it!
Nice add! I really like that paint scheme too and can't wait to get my Busch Light car also.
Great looking add...Congrats!
Nice Harvick add. That's one I'll get in the 1:64th version.
That is a pretty cool paint scheme. Reminds me of some of the old school Busch Beer cars that where driven back in the day.
I love this Harvick paint scheme it really look like the Yarborough at the daytona 500 1979,great add congrat
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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