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more important for me, do they have the COT cars out, specifically in a dodge body? Thanks in advance if you have any info.

Does CFS have its own hauler? They show brand specific cars like FORD< DODGE< CHEVY< TOYOTA with 07 numeration on NASCAR.com. Just curious as I will be in Vegas in a couple weeks.

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the only CFS i saw was ayt the GInn racing Hauler

they diddnt have the 00 or the 41 which i hope are in by Sunday

they had the 44 which i am probably goin to get
and they diddnt have the newman kodak :(

and they were 6 a piece my dad gave me 50 to spend and i still got 23 left!!!!!!!!! so like i said more to come after sunday

Cant Wait For Sunday!!!!!!!!!!
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