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Forgot this one

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Never got to post this one, and add to my media.
got this when released,
with Darlington this weekend
gotta post .....
The Silver Fox
David Pearson
King of Darlington
10 wins ( one win in the #2 filling in for Earnhardt)

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood
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Had Pearson ran more full seasons, the record books would look MUCH different.
He already had won three titles and wasn't interested in participating in the full grind anymore. Wanted to run all the big races and have time to spend with his family. This Cyclone won 11 of 18 races entered rivaling only Glenn Roberts 1958 season - six wins from 10 entries in a '57 Chev - for highest winning percentage for one car in a single season.

Great addition to any collection and one I added earlier this year for a bargain price of Cdn$150. Unautographed, the way I prefer them.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts