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Friday Night Fun Race

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Just a fun Friday Night Race where we can just sit back have fun and enjoy a NON POINTS RACE before all the series begins next week. I will post all the information on what mod we will run and have everything you need to run ready to download. So remember this is a fun race for all that want to join.
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If we can get enough guys to run we might just run without the AI cars.
i'll be there.
It's not CTS. It's something we haven't run before. All information will be posted by 9:00 CST and Practice will start at 9:30 CST. So check this thread tonight at 9:00 CST for all the information.
Well guys here it is. We are going to run the Iroc Series. Everything you will need to run is located here. http://www.diecastnuts.com/NR2003/Car Mods/ Make sure you get everything you need. We are running the 2006 car set. We will pick cars when the race begins. Practice starts at 9:30 CST Sharp. IP is TS is See you guys there.
Had fun last night guys. Glad you joined us Ray.
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