I’ve got all these cars for sale. All the cars do come with their boxes. The prices are shipped and are obo. I attached pics of any damage that I see. If ya have any questions or would like more pics feel free to ask.
Car Land vehicle Tire Wheel Vehicle

2007 Talladega win- $165
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

1999 Sonoma race
Win- $85
Car Tire Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle
Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Grille Tire Car

2013 DTEH elite- $75
Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood

2015 Axalta raw- $65
Tire Car Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle
Car Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Wheel

2008 Pepsi Stuff COT- $45
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

2013 Time Warner Cable elite- $65
Car Vehicle Tire Wheel Automotive tire

2013 Quaker State elite- $65
Car Vehicle Wheel Tire Hood

2014 Bass Pro elite- $65