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harvicks helmet and fire suit

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found this interesting topic on another board. sunoco has some beef, but they knew happy got a gas/oil sponsor, they need to just hush it.

Harvick's helmet fuels backlash

14 February 2007 - Practice at Daytona International Speedway. (HHP Images/Harold Hinson)It appears there was something that failed NASCAR's post-race inspection after Sunday's Daytona 500 -- the uniform and helmet worn by race winner Kevin Harvick.

Responding to complaints from Sunoco, the official fuel supplier of NASCAR, the sanctioning body has been in discussions with Harvick's Richard Childress Racing team the past several days to address Sunoco's concerns over the branding of Shell-Pennzoil's sponsorship on Harvick's uniform and helmet.

In response to those complaints, Harvick can no longer wear the driver's helmet used in Sunday's race -- which featured a prominent Shell logo -- and his uniform had to be redone to include less prominent Shell logos, multiple sources confirmed.

Before Sunday's Daytona 500, sources confirmed Harvick was asked by NASCAR if he would wear a jacket over his uniform during Daytona 500 introductions, which he agreed to do.

During Speedweeks, officials with Sunoco logged several complaints with NASCAR regarding the Shell logos on Harvick's helmet and uniform. They peaked when Harvick's victories in Saturday's Busch race and Sunday's Daytona 500 produced several newspaper headlines utilizing the Shell name and many photographs of the Shell logos.

Sunoco signed a 10-year deal in 2003 to become the official fuel supplier for all three of NASCAR's national series -- Nextel Cup, Busch and Trucks.

As part of the deal, no new fuel suppliers are allowed to sponsor NASCAR teams, NASCAR officials said. Shell-Pennzoil was allowed to join RCR and Harvick's No. 29 Chevrolet this season because the sponsorship was of its automotive lubricants.

Sunoco's complaints are based on the extent Shell-Pennzoil's branding is seen as promoting its gas product over its automobile lubricants.

"In exchange for providing a quality product for all three series, Sunoco was granted exclusivity in the fuel category at the track," NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston said.

"We're always trying to work with our sponsors and teams to navigate through any challenges, especially the automotive lubricant category which is closely aligned with fuel."

A message seeking comment from Sunoco's media contact, Jerry Davis, remained unreturned late Wednesday.

Until a new helmet can be designed, Harvick is expected to wear the helmet he uses in Busch Series races, sponsored by another company. Harvick's new uniform should be ready for this weekend's race at California, sources said.
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I had a hunch something like this would come up. Then again they still allow Burton to be sponsored by Cingular which is a competitor to Nextel and you don't hear Nextel bitching...
thats because they were "grandfathered" in. but burton/rcr is in kinda of trouble with at&t buying back cingular. nascar has already said NO to at&t sponsor on the car. thats also why newman still has alltel
i was surprised last year when they let shell in at all. another make the rules as you go by nascar. if shell is allowed, so should any other wireless communications. but, it's the big kevin harvick, another golden boy, not unknown jeff burtons sponser. so another exception to the rules. the list just keeps growing.
thank goodness pitchers and catchers reported. and march madness will take up some sundays in march. they don't change rules in the middle of the game.
its not rules made up as they go, shell was promoting their automotive lubricants not their gas. but at the same time im guessing that exxon and others could use this to their advantage and promote their automotive lubricants.
What a bunch of freaking whiners!! These sponsors are paying big bucks to be sponsors. Some teams are having trouble finding sponsors. NASCAR should grow some balls and tell SUNOCO and NEXTEL to stuff it. I am sure that there are other coorporations that would jump in if they bailed. If a sponsor is paying $10 million dollars to show their logo, then let them!! What a bunch of freaking wussies!!!
i wonder if they are going to make the team put "automotive lubricants" on the car under the shell logo. if so another paint scheme to put out. should make M/A happy
NEXTEL phones suck ass anyway-- I wouldn't get one even though they are the sponsor of the NASCAR cup series.
kspool said:
NEXTEL phones suck ass anyway-- I wouldn't get one even though they are the sponsor of the NASCAR cup series.
Yup they sure do. My dad used to have NEXTEL phones with the walkie-talkies and they upgraded the phones a few years ago and my dad told his company to shove it and he went out and got a Motorola to use as his business phone. Part of the decision for my dad to change was the company wanted the new NEXTEL phones to be strictly for business and they were going to monitor the phone bills and whatnot.
Thsi is a bunch of BS. I agree with spool on this one. These Sponsors are paying big bucks to sponsor these cars and have there logos out there. I know a bunch of guys around here that have Nextel phones and they say when there contracts run out they will go back to Verizon Wireless. Unless your in a big city Nextel Sucks.
Yeah from what my Dad has told me Nextel is no dreamboat, but then again if my Tracfone squeals in my ear one my time I'm chucking it into the wall.

As for the Shell thing yeah its kind of a bit of bs, but the again how are we supposed to tell their promoting the oil and not the gas, all I see is the logo, nothing else. So Sunoco has a point there.
Sunoco no one cares..thats so stupid.
Ha this is actually funny, kick out Nextel and Sonoco..Get a real sponser
what a joke. These teams go out and land big dollar sponsors and the Nextel figure heads find a way to screw with them. Never fails. Agreed on the make the rules as you go standard.

The Harvick thing is extremely ludicrous, Nascar approved the Sponsorship, Shell payed there money, nothing more to say!!!
As far as Nextel, There phones don't even work where I live, and anywhere near me. My work has a corperate account with them and wanted everyone to use them nationwide. Unfortunately, I like about 40% of the other Techs have to purchase and use there own phones.
SpeedFreak said:
How come Sunoco didn't compain when Marathon came into the picture, first in 05 on kirby's car and then moving to P.E last year. As far as I know Marathon is the branding arm that speedway superamerica uses for its independent stations. I am not sure what thier footprint is, and if it infringes on the Sunoco marketing area. But no complaints there.
because marathon isnt in the headlines, shell is. if harvick wouldnt have won, this might not have even came out. but then again they did have him cover his firesuit before intros, but it was after he won the busch race. the bottom line is this, if it wasnt in the headlines the way the race ended and having shell plastered all over, i dont think sunoco would be complaining as much. they probably look at it as "over the last week, how many times have you seen sunoco on tv vs. how many times have you seen shell?" i still look at it as it was stated earlier.

1) shell pays big money for their name to be out there
2) nascar ok'd the sponsorship
i saw harvick doing a tv interview today, really didn't pay too much attention, but his uniform looked the same to me.
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