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Hi folks, I'm trying to identify and / or value this Hot Wheels store display rack for a relative. Approx. 4 or 5 feet high, pegboard interior for displaying carded cars, date unknown, but likely 2000's? Possibly came from a Canada Safeway. Similar to a toddlers bed, but made only for store display of Hot Wheels. Apologies for the poor photos.

I've searched online but haven't found anything close except for one other display that was made into a bookshelf. Can't track down the original poster of that image though. And others have added info to the image with incorrect info ("Little Tikes car bed with Hot Wheels stickers added"). As you can see from my photos this is somewhat similar to the Little Tikes bed, but all the details are different (wheels, hood, sides are all different), and the Hot Wheels logo at the top is on a molded section of plastic that fits it perfectly. This is a purpose-manufactured store display made to sit on it's tail only, apparently by Hot Wheels / Mattel. I just can't seem to find any others online other than that bookshelf photo. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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