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Ricky Williams tested positive for pot....

OK, so no surprise there. :loser:

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yea i like his comments:

Ricky Williams said:
"Due to the recent reports about me failing a drug test, I feel it is appropriate for me to issue this statement. Last month, following a psychological evaluation requested by the NFL, we -- the psychiatrist and I -- came to the realization that there were a few things I needed to iron out about myself in order to make my return to the NFL as successful as possible.

"I am an honest, God-fearing man who is intensely dedicated to being the best person I can be on and off the football field. There is no need to smear my name or to defame my character for the sake of news. When the time is right, God willing, I will be back on the field scoring touchdowns for whatever team is fortunate enough to believe in me."

iron out about myself?--- more like clean out of my system?

fortunate to believe in him?--- what believe hes gonna stop smoking pot this time?

honest? ---and say what that you really are this go around going to pass the test and stay clean?

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THAT IS THE STUPIDEST ATHLETE EVER!!!! He has been given many chances and SCREWED it up everytime!!!! DUMBASS MILLIONAIRE!!!! Or his Dealer is the Smartest Millionare!!!
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