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I'm not really sure what the goal of your experiment is? Are you trying to prove that: A) It's worth the money to buy and then resell the products* or B) It's NOT worth it to buy and resell the products?

*-I hate that. When I make shots at people for not being true collectors, it's at those people who are in it only for the money. Obviously you are in a diffrent position because you are in the buisness and there's a diffrence, your goal is to make money for your buisness and therefore it's ok. But they people who go on about their great pulls or whatever other crap they say, only to post a link to their auction on Ebay...There is little more that annoys me. Doesn't matter if it's cards, diecast, etc.

That's why I quit posting on Beckett.

I've done more then one box of Ultimate Collection and I did the first year of Exquisite. That's all I could afford, and honestly, I was dissapointed.

Not because I didn't pull anything "worth" anything, but because I paid roughly $100 per card. (for Exquisite) It was Buyer's Remorse, I could have done better things with that money.

To prove a point, I was offered $400 for my Larry Bird auto/jersey #100/100 from Fleer. That's what Beckett tells you it's worth. I turned the offer down flat.

I collect cards because I enjoy collecting cards, not because I'm out to make a quick buck. Even though I'm pretty much done with NBA cards, I collected faithfully for 10 years and amassed the largest known private collection in the state of New York. (I have nearly 72,000 diffrent cards and more then 30,000 duplicates) and I spent countless thousands on my hobby. Unfortunatly I don't have the financial means to continue that hobby so I am pretty much done, I may get a box of Bazooka or Chrome from time to time.

The whole face of the card collecting hobby has changed in the last decade, and NOT for the better. When I started collection NBA cards in April 1996 the greatest feeling came from pulling something cool, like a rare insert or a Michael Jordan card (In April 96 I was 11 years old) and now I feel dissapointed if I don't get something signed numbered or autographed. I realized when I was dissapointed with what card collecting was all about for me (completing sets) I decided it was time to stop.

I pin this largely on Beckett and the various internet card sources, namely eBay.

The large focus for too many people now is about how much money they can make, not the joy and feeling of happyness you get when you get something cool and having a nice collection.

Now, some time later, I do regret all the money I've spent on NBA cards. I've spent probably 30 to 40 THOUSAND on them in the period between 96-06. And I realize if I hadn't done that, who knows what could that money have been spent on now.

But you know what? I'm not selling them. I have considered it, but I can't do it. I spent too much time and effort on it to have them gone, now. And yes, too much money.

Sorry for the rant, but there's very little that sets me off like this, and I think all my ranting emails to Beckett mean nothing, I gotta take it out on somebody (I've been printed in Beckett 7 times, both NBA and NASCAR versions)
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