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Horner denies Ferrari rumours | Planet F1 | Formula One News

Although silly season is often limited to the drivers, it seems this year it has hit the team bosses as well.
After Ferrari's dismal start to the campaign, rumours are already flying claiming that Stefano Domenicali's job at the Italian stable is on the line.
That then prompted speculation about who could replace him with Horner, who has won two World titles with Red Bull, the obvious choice.
The Brit, though, says he's not leaving Red Bull Racing any time soon.
"Ferrari is a great team but my future is absolutely committed to Red Bull for the foreseeable future," Horner told the Daily Mail.
"You can see what the appeal is at Ferrari but you can also see the pitfalls and my commitment is to Red Bull.
"Dietrich Materschitz gave me the chance as a 31-year-old to step into Formula One and entrusted me to build a team for him.
"I feel very much part of the team and I have no burning desire within me to go and work at Ferrari. I am happy where I am. I have a multi-year commitment."
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