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I am looking into going to the Coca-Cola 600 next month cause ticket prices look to be pretty good. I have never been to Lowes before and I know it is a pretty good size track. My question is where do I need to sit so I would be able to see the entire track? Like how high up or what section. The tickets I am looking at seem to be in the Diamond Terrace and about 40 rows up. I just dont want to be looking at turns 1 and 2 and thats it. I want to be able to see everything. Also how does the parking work. I know at Bristol you can park on the highway and ride a shuttle over to the track. Does Lowes have something like this or do they have an actual parking lot you can park in or what. Also at Bristol they have tents set up across the street that vendors sell diecast and clothes and stuff apart from the official haulers. Does anyone do this at Lowes or are the official haulers the only merchandise? Any info from you guys would be great.
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