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For whatever reason, I was just curious to see how A.J. Allmendinger and Kurt Busch stacked up after the first three races of the season, given that Allmendinger replaced Busch in the No. 22.

Average finish
Kurt Busch 29.7
Allmendiner 29.7

Laps led
Kurt Busch 2
Allmendinger 1

Points standings
Kurt Busch 30
Allmendinger 29

Busch was leading the points a year ago.

I know it's meaningless. It's only three races and both drivers had tough luck in those races. I just thought it was kind of interesting to compare given the whole off-season. It will have a lot more meaning when the Chase approaches.

Here's the question though. Who finishes higher in points at the end of the year?

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I will also go with Kurt on this.
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