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IndyCar's Bernard rejects Texas boycott talk - Racer.com

Addressing lingering talk about a possible boycott by drivers of this June's IZOD IndyCar Series race at Texas Motor Speedway, IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard said there is no such prospect and that the event will go ahead as scheduled on June 9.
"IndyCar has an agreement to race at Texas Motor Speedway on June 9, and will race there for a 16th consecutive season," Bernard said in a statement to The Associated Press on Saturday night. "Never has there been any discussion by IndyCar's drivers about boycotting Texas Motor Speedway. We have so many good things happening in the series, we are not going to let rumors tear down all the positives we have as we continue to move forward."
The boycott talk began following IndyCar's Texas test with the new Dallaras, where drivers felt there concerns about the propensity for pack racing had not been addressed. Interviewed by SPEED's Robin Miller, Tony Kanaan and Justin Wilson both said that while they thought a boycott would "inappropriate at this time," they were insisting that their concerns be listened to.
"We're disappointed with the position we're in but right now we feel like we can't really boycott,'' Wilson told SPEED. "It's just not the right thing to do. But I wouldn't rule it out if no one is going to pay attention.''
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