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Is Chase Elliott Destined To Drive The No 9 Again?

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Chase Elliott, two years after his Xfinity Championship season is now driving the iconic No. 24 for Hendrick Motorsports in his rookie season in the Sprint Cup Series. But is he destined to run his whole time at HMS in the No. 24? Could a return to the No. 9 happen?
Three races in, Chase Elliott has already celebrated a pole position and a top 10 finish, along with an average start position of 12.7, and an average finish of 27.7.
Elliott and his family have a history in the No. 9. The past two season, Elliott drove the Number 9 full-time in the Xfinity Series for JR Motorsports. Elliott also drove in the ARCA series in the No. 9. There are plenty of other times when the No. 9 and Elliott crossed paths, but these are some of the most recent.
The other obvious tie of the Elliott family and the No. 9 car is Chase’s father — former NASCAR driver, Bill Elliott. Over his career, Bill Elliott won won NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver Award a record 16 times, and it could have been more had Bill Elliott not withdrawn his name from the ballot in 2002.
During his career, Bill Elliott won the 1988 Winston Cup Championship and had a total of 44 wins in his Cup career, including two Daytona 500 victories (1985 and 1987).
While the elder Elliott drove a lot of numbers, the No. 9 was in there near the conclusion of his career. In 2001, after selling his race team to Ray Evernham, he drove the No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW-sponsored Dodge Intrepid, including a successful first race, winning the pole for the 2001 Daytona 500 and finished in the Top 5. After the season, Kasey Kahne took over the ride.
In the most recent set of seasons, the No. 9 has been raced full-time by the Richard Petty Motorsports organization, including with Marcos Ambrose and Sam Hornish, Jr. behind the wheel.
But for the 2016 season, RPM returned their second car back to the No. 44 as they welcomed in a new driver — Brian Scott. The last full season a Petty entry featured the No. 44 was 2009 with driver AJ Allmendinger.
But before the 2015 season began, Richard Petty said he was not “emotionally attached” to the number 9 and that Elliott could have it in subsequent years.
With the shuffle of driver and car number at RPM, is it possible that Hendrick Motorsports would consider the No. 9 for Chase Elliott? Prior to the 2016 season, Hendrick Motorsports confirmed the rookie season of Chase Elliott would be in the No. 24 Chevrolet SS. This is in part to honoring the No. 24 and Jeff Gordon. But after a season or two, it’s quite possible Chase Elliott’s team will get re-numbered to the No. 9, and the 24 will get unofficially retired by the Hendrick organization.
ClosetNASCARFan has no inside information on this, just a hunch based on the changing of numbers in 2016, and the fact that the No. 24 in NASCAR is so associated with Jeff Gordon. One has to think HMS has at least considered the transition for upcoming NASCAR Cup seasons.

Is Chase Elliott Destined to Drive the No 9 Again? - Closet NASCAR Fan
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If he wanted 9, he would have taken it this year. They probably knew Petty was switching numbers long before we did.
I could see him doing it at all star race, like what Jimmie Johnson did running the #5 car. but I think he will stick w/ the #24
I don't care anymore. Lol
If he wanted 9, he would have taken it this year. They probably knew Petty was switching numbers long before we did.
I don't think Petty knew Petty was switching numbers haha. Wasn't Scott announced for the 9? The whole 9 to 44 seemed to happen fast. In that time Chase was already named for the 24 with merch being made of him in the 24. I think it was way way too late for this year.
No. Why does everyone obsess over having people drive their father's number?

Besides, I think the #24 should be kept because it's such an important part of Hendrick's history.

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I couldn't care less. Let him drive whatever number he wants.
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I cant wait until this story goes away forever. Its a number. Who cares.
Part of me wanted the 9 if only because a little bit of an identity had been carved out with that stylized 9 after just a couple years, but three races in I'm all in on 24.
Darth vader Helmet Sleeve Glove Safety glove

Sorry, couldn't help it.:D

In all seriousness, no it's not his destiny. Just like how back in 2002, if you told Jimmie Johnson it was his destiny to win 6 titles, he would laughing at you.
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