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I love my mom!

It was about 15 of 4 p.m. today when my mom called and said that Marden's had a bunch of diecasts there. She said there was an M&Ms Halloween car and a Jack Daniels car (she couldn't prenouce 'Bowyer'), so I hopped in my car and went over. I was thinking they were Winner's Circle 1:24ths, but they were ACTION! $18 apiece! They had everything from 2000-2007. There must've been water damage at a hobby shop because most of the boxes showed some water damage, but the cars were in perfect shape. I bought 6 of them for just under $108! Three of them were Denny Hamlin's I didn't have. I'm so pumped right now! They had a bunch of other stuff like an autographed Johnson picture (it was personalized, so I didn't get it) some jackets and other stuff too)

I'll post pics later (I gotta go to work in about 10 minutes)

Here's who I got (all 1:24)

2007 Denny Hamlin No. 11 FedEx Action 'Drivers Select'
2006 Denny Hamlin No. 11 FedEx Cup Action ( 1 of 2,748)
2006 Denny Hamlin No. 20 Rockwell Automation Action (1 of 2,508)
2006 Jeff Burton No. 29 Holiday Inn Action (1 of 1,356) - this will become Scott Wimmer's lol
2006 Kasey Kahne No. 9 Dodge Dealers Fan Design (1 of 2,268)
2005 Kasey Kahne No. 9 Dodge Dealers (hometown edition)

They had Bowyer, Gilliland, Stewart (a test car), Harvick, McMurray, Nadeau, a beautiful Jeff Gordon paintscheme... it wasn't an on track one, but it was a commemorative. Very nice looking. Also had a Kenny Irwin 1997 Tonka Thunderbird.

I doubt much will be left by tomorrow, but I picked through stuff pretty good. There was even a Ragan from this year and Kurt Busch, Scott Riggs. That flooding on the east coast actually did me good.

I'm so happy right now. That saved me so much money. lol.

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congrats on the great deals, dont blame you for jumping on that one

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Must be a New England thing... Marden's is a discount store, lots of time getting surplus stuff from stores that have experienced floods, fire, whatever. I'll get some pics up when I get home from work (at work now). I'm still stoked lol.

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If people are truely interested, I can head over tomorrow and pick a car up for you if they have it. Here's what i remember seeing. Should be all Action 1:24th.

Jamie McMurray #64 Top Flite
David Ragan #6 AAA
Denny Hamlin #20 Rockwell Automation
Denny Hamlin #11 FedEx Cup (golf one)
Kevin Harvick #29 Hersey Kissables
Matt Kenseth #17 (Busch Series, black car, can't remember sponsor)
Carl Edwards #60 (bright green car, can't remember sponsor)
Kyle Busch #5 Kelloggs (06 or 07, box damaged)
David Gilliland #38 M&Ms Halloween (06 i think)
Tony Stewart #20 Test Car (04 or 05)
J.J. Yeley #18 Interstate Batteries
Jeff Burton #29 Holiday Inn (06, had a bunch)
Greg Biffle #16 (Busch Series... confetti type car)
Kasey Kahne #9 Dodge Dealers (05, hometown edition)
Kevin Harvick #29 (05 hometown edition)
Jerry Nadeau #25 UAW (2001)
Stephen Leicht #90 Citibank
Terry Labonte #5 (had a few different ones)
Bobby Hamilton #4 Kodak/Navy (2000)
Kyle Petty #45 (something about his gang camp or victory ride, don't remember)
Ron Hornaday #3 (think it was the 03 halloween monsters car)
Mike Dillon #21 Rockwell Automation
Jimmie Johnson #48 Shamu (had some nasty stuff on the rear, probably should avoid)
Kurt Busch #2 Miller Lite (07 I think)
Lake Speed #9 Cartoon Network
Reed Sorenson #41 (Busch Series, special scheme, don't remember what)
Casey Mears #42 Havoline (i think)

I'm probably forgetting a bunch, but those are what I remember. Lots of people were picking through them, so I suspect many will be gone by tomorrow morning. I would charge exact price ($17.99 plus tax per car) and shipping. lmk ASAP if interested. PM please. Only serious inquiries, not headed over to browse. PM me your phone number too, I can talk to you from the store, I'll head over tomorrow if there's interest.


Clint Bowyer #07 Jack Daniels
Clint Bowyer #07 DirecTV

another add
Mike Wallace #7 Geico (07 I think)

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Billy Kingsley said:
Did they have any slightly damaged 1/64? I open them all anyway and need lots of bases for customs. I have far more decals then cars to put them on!
They had a few. Only one I can really remember was a bunch of the #41 Steve Grissom Kodiak ones. They were pretty nice, with a display stand and everything. They had a bunch of them. I assume they were 1997. Racing Champion pieces. Aside from that, they had a few program cars, but nothing else of significance.

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gordon24 said:
any gordons or johnsons besides shamu
The Gordons went quick, apparently. I talked to a guy who was kicking himself for not buying a Jeff Gordon Pepsi car yesterday because it was gone today. There were no other Johnsons. There was another Gordon, but it was not run on the track, it looked like a commemorative paint scheme, had Gordon's wins on the car and images of them. They had the same for Stewart too. I doubt it would be there tomorrow, but you never know.

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ok, I'm finally home and took the pics. Here ya go.

Denny Hamlin - 2007 Motorsports Authentics Drivers Select (Limited Edition) #11 FedEx Chevy

Denny Hamlin - 2006 Motorsports Authentics (1 of 2,748) #11 FedEx Cup Chevy

Denny Hamlin - 2006 Action (1 of 2,508) #20 Rockwell Automation Chevy

Jeff Burton - 2006 Motorsports Authentics (1 of 1,356) #29 Holilday Inn Chevy (this will become a Scott Wimmer car)

Kasey Kahne - 2006 Motorsports Authentics (1 of 2,268) #9 Dodge Dealers Fan Design Dodge

Kasey Kahne - 2005 Action (Limited Edition) #9 Dodge Dealers Dodge (Hometown Edition, lighter car, trunk doesn't open)


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Sall7987 said:
hey tater if you do get one more chance to go i would more than gladly pay you for the ragan #6, and a hamlin fedex if they still have any, i would also ask if there were any rudds but im assuming since they are not in your list there is any.
PM sent. I didn't see any Rudds.
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