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Jeff Gordon 1/64 DNP Proto!

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Hi all...I just wanted to show off one of my favorite pieces in my collection! It's a 2014 Jeff Gordon Ride with Jeff 1/64 Prototype. The 1/24 version was produced in both Elite and ARC, but the 1/64 was cancelled so only the prototypes survived. I'm very lucky and proud to own one!! I hope you all enjoy, thanks for looking :)

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Bumper Vehicle

Vehicle Bumper Font Sports equipment Automotive exterior
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Awesome Gordon add.
That is an amazing Gordon proto! Awesome add for sure!
amazing piece! That's so cool
Thank you all so much for your replies!!! :) I'm really glad that you all share my excitement for this car! You guys are the best :)
A very impressive piece...Congrats!
Your a lucky man Taylor, to have that car in your collection.
Very cool. Congrats!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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