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I heard this item was very rare...? I figured some of you may know. I found this in a lot of 15 other items on Ebay and figured I buy it just in case. Any insight...?


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These came out in short stops at retail stores. They were pretty scarce for over a year. It was retailed in 09. I actually searched for it over 2 years daily on this site, the bay and every store in my state...LOL>..

I finally found them on ebay about 6 months ago when a gentleman found a case of a few rare cars. So I got mine then. It was almost impossible to find for over a year from 09 to 10. then they would trickle on the bay for almost 50 bucks a pop....

They will show up about 1 or 2 every 2 months or so and sale for any where from 25 to 50 on the bay. So I would think that would make them scarce at times to get, ecspecially for a 5 dollar car.
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