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im looking for jimmies pre sprint cup cars. let me know what you have.

2006 Jimmie Johnson Lowes Paint Scheme
2006 Jimmie Johnson Kobalt paint scheme
2007 Jimmie Johnson Lowes (pre cot car)
2007 Jimmie Johnson Kobalt car (cot or not)
2007 Jimmie Johnson Foundation car
2007 Jimmie Johnson Vegas win car
2008 Jimmie Johnson Foundation car
2008 Jimmie Johnson Lowes car
2008 Jimmie Johnson Kobalt car
2009 Jimmie Johnson Foundation car
2009 Jimmie Johnson Kobalt car
2009 Jimmie Johnson Tough tools for schools car
2010 Jimmie Johnson Lowes Manville car
2010 Jimmie Johnson Foundation car
im also looking for any 2011 other than the #7 nationwide car holiday car and the chevy 100 years car

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Here's the list of all the JJ cars in stock...1/24 Brand New in Box

2010 5X Champ
2007 Martinsville Fall Win
2007 Martinsville Win COT
2004 Lowe's
2002 Looney Tunes Rematch
2009 Kobalt Tool Cool Schools
2003 Lowe's
2003 Lowe's Power of Pride
2002 Power of Pride
2006 Brickyard Raced Win
2007 57 Chevy
2006 Holiday
2011 Holiday
2010 Sonoma Win
2011 Foundation
2011 Standard Lowes

Kathy/Green Flag Racing/South Milwaukee WI
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