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Joey Logano has hilarious reaction to being the target of a bad truck decal

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By Jared Turner

Joey Logano has said on multiple occasions that he's just fine with the fact that some NASCAR fans are downright hostile to him.

The latest proof?

Logano's comical reaction to this decal seen in the window of a pickup truck going down the highway.

Joey Logano ✔‎@joeylogano
I think I’ve made it. Trucks decal says “Things I hate: warm beer, cold women, Joey Logano and @keselowski” haha
11:57 PM - 3 Mar 2016

Logano's Team Penske teammate, Brad Keselowski, seemed equally amused.

Brad Keselowski ✔‎@keselowski
Joey Logano on Twitter
9:40 AM - 4 Mar 2016

Joey Logano has hilarious reaction to being the target of a bad truck decal
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Funny that another sticker on the truck says fear no beer yet lists warm beer as something he hates.
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I do enjoy the fact that Joey has a sense of humor with his haters

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You know you've made it when people are customizing bumper stickers against you.
He's doing something right. Lol
This is supposed to be a "hilarious" reaction?
This is supposed to be a "hilarious" reaction?
It's a Fox Sports article. A driver could fart between practice sessions and there'd be a story about it. "Matt Kenseth felled by gastrointestinal emergency after first practice, expected to race Sunday."
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Pretty funny for sure.
Good comeback Joey.

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