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Josh Wise, TMG to attempt more races in 2016

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Despite missing the field for the Daytona 500, Josh Wise and The Motorsports Group will be attempting to qualify for more Sprint Cup races in this season.Wise told The Racing Experts that he and TMG intend to attempt this weekend’s race at Atlanta Motor Speedway and events beyond.

“We’re going to go to Atlanta,” Wise said, adding “Hopefully we go and we can make races, find some sponsorship and just keep plugging away.”Wise is hopeful he and TMG will attempt the full-schedule, albeit no charter.“If the cards fall right, I think that’s the route we’re going to try to take, but it’s just a step-by-step process,” Wise said.
“I was in this position with the 98 with Phil Parsons a few years ago, we started the race team from scratch, and had to race in in points, build the team and find sponsorship and what not. Just starting again there from ground zero.”Wise says the team has no affiliation with any team. According to Wise, there’s variability on the exact number of cars in the fleet cars for TMG, but credits the efforts of Dave Fuge and Gary Showalter with preparation in 2016.“Our Atlanta car is ready, and we’ve got cars ready to go out west,” Wise said. “So we’ve got a head start, and if we can just take of equipment, and put some decent runs together, we’ll be good.”Barring two or more additional entries for this weekend’s race, Wise will be guaranteed his first start of 2016 Sunday.

Wise, TMG to attempt more races in 2016
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Not a bad move since there's not even 40 cars showing up to the races. It has to be comforting showing up to the track and knowing that you're going to race this weekend.
Hope things work out for them.
Should get right into the race unless more show up and he has to race his way in.
they should put "advertize here" on the hood and quarter panels like Tony Raines did in the #74
It appeared they had enough speed to stay in the pack during the Duels, which is better than last year. Maybe they'll be able to make races, find sponsorship, and grow the team.
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