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OAKVILLE, Calif. -- Junior is setting down the Bud and picking up the remote.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. ended the uncertainty Thursday about what corporate logo would be on the hood of his new ride with Hendrick Motorsports by announcing his partnership with Sony Electronics.
"I'm a big electronics fan. I'm a big computer guy. It's products I can dig," Earnhardt told reporters at a winery in the heart of California's Napa Valley. He will be competing on Sunday in the Toyota/Save Mart 350 at Infineon Raceway in nearby Sonoma.
Earnhardt would not comment on whether his longtime sponsor Budweiser would play any part next season when he leaves the team founded by his late father to join racetrack rivals Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson at Hendrick.
He said a possible alliance with sporting goods manufacturer Adidas was "on the wish list."
Earnhardt's move to Hendrick is expected to clean up his sometimes scruffy image to match that of his teammates, although he appeared at Thursday's news conference in a scraggy beard, an untucked dress shirt and worn jeans -- with Puma athletic shoes.
Earnhardt, who convinced his sister to loan him the money to buy a computer when he was a teenager, said his father never believed the Internet would be a success.
"That's one place he was wrong and I was right. I took a lot of typing classes in high school," he said.
Neither Earnhardt nor Stuart Redsun, Sony's vice president of corporate marketing, would discuss the financial arrangement or the length of the deal.
"We're very happy at Sony to have Dale Junior involved for some time," Redsun said.
Earnhardt said he got a new digital camera out of the deal.
"The cash is great, but the product is good, too," he said.

ESPN - Bye beer? Dale Jr. signs with Sony for '08 ride - Nascar

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This is from Jayski. It's a personal endorsement. Not really a team sponsor announcement with Sony.

Sony and Dale Jr. and more on Adidas UPDATE: Sony will announce Thursday [6/21] that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has signed a personal endorsement contract with the high-end consumer electronics company. Adidas is set to announce another deal with Earnhardt next month. Sony was an easy choice for Earnhardt, an avid online racing gamer who likes high-tech gadgets and computers. He primarily will hawk high-definition products (such as TVs, camcorders, cameras and Blu-ray disc players) for Sony, joining Peyton Manning and Michelle Wie as its high-profile endorsers.(USA Today)(6-21-2007)
UPDATE: Sony Electronics announced a personal endorsement deal with #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr. of Jr Motorsports to participate in the company's upcoming marketing efforts. The multi-year deal provides Sony the use of Earnhardt's name, likeness, image, voice and endorsement for use in advertising, promotions and merchandising for consumer marketing campaigns aimed at driving sales of Sony Electronics products. Among the products Earnhardt will promote are Sony's high definition BRAVIA televisions in which he will appear in Sony's new HD ad campaign. In addition, Earnhardt will participate in major electronics industry events and trade shows and will make personal appearances each year on behalf of Sony as part of the agreement. Sony Electronics is an active supporter of NASCAR for the past seven years and is the official high-definition TV partner of NASCAR.(Paine PR)(6-22-2007)

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Martin01 said:
So I guess Ryan Newman loses Sony. What about Bud? No way they give up Junior.
I think the Sony deal is like the Adidas deal. Personal services contract, and maybe some help on the JR Motorsports cars. Not as a primary sponsor on the #5/#8/#25 or whatever number it will be.
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