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Kentucky Speedway repaving project continuing to take shape

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When race fans and NASCAR drivers return to Kentucky Speedway in July, they’ll be greeted by a brand new racing surface.
Removing the old racing surface and building up the banking in all four turns (from 14 degrees to 17 degrees) has been underway since late February.
Right now, the place looks like a dirt track. But come mid-April, weather permitting, the asphalt surface will begin to be laid down in preparation for NASCAR race weekend July 7-9, when it hosts all three major series.
Mark Simendinger, general manager of Kentucky Speedway, has been keeping fans updated on the progress of the project.
Here’s a quick social media rundown of those changes, starting from taking out the old surface to where the project is today:

Mark Simendinger ‎@msimendinger
@KySpeedway has been working during speedweeks! Drainage done and Turns 1 and 2 getting reshaped. Great work!
5:03 PM - 22 Feb 2016

Mark Simendinger ‎@msimendinger
The High(er) Banks of @KySpeedway taking shape! Ahead of schedule! Our guys are rolling out here!
4:19 PM - 29 Feb 2016

Mark Simendinger ‎@msimendinger
Getting it to the right grade, then we stabilize. Getting ready for warmer weather and the paving.
4:24 PM - 29 Feb 2016

Mark Simendinger ‎@msimendinger
Getting it right @KySpeedway!
4:29 PM - 29 Feb 2016

Mark Simendinger ‎@msimendinger
Weather is great. Track stabilization taking place and final grading/ compaction occurring @KySpeedway
1:35 PM - 7 Mar 2016

Benny ‎@bebop_73
@msimendinger @dustinlong @KySpeedway is it going to have a concrete base with asphalt top or just asphalt?

Mark Simendinger ‎@msimendinger
@bebop_73 @dustinlong @KySpeedway It will just be an asphalt track. Dirt is cement stabilized to prevent heaving, but no concrete base
3:46 PM - 7 Mar 2016

Mark Simendinger ‎@msimendinger
Great weather equals long days for construction team @KySpeedway. Over a third stabilized and in place!
9:45 AM - 8 Mar 2016
Kentucky Speedway repaving project continuing to take shape
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