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Kyle Busch Wall

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I've been working on my wall lately with all my Kyle Busch pictures I've collected over the years.

Also I made up a list of all 156 of Kyle's wins (took me a day in a half). But I like it. Want to get all 5 of his raced wins from last year and add them to my wall. But in time I really enjoy it.

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Looks awesome James! Appreciate when someone is this dedicated to their driver
Very cool indeed...Well done!
Nice wall. That's what my wall will look like when we buy a house but with Dale Jr stuff.
Nice looking wall. Love the fact that you made a list of all his wins, that's pretty cool. Well done.
Looks great,

I had that same puzzle but never could get it finished!
Awesome wall!
Great job !!!!!!
That is an awesome display! That shows true dedication!
I may not agree with his lower tier wins, but I love the enthusiasm with Busch. Keep it up! We need more fans like you who are interested in the sport.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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