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Hey everyone I’m alive and well just been busy but here are my pickups that I haven’t posted yet
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

Automotive design Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Vehicle

Automotive tire Tire Vehicle Asphalt Racing

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Bumper Automotive exterior Tire

Automotive tire Font Tire Publication Automotive exterior

Brown Wood Flooring Rectangle Hardwood
Product Textile Sleeve Tartan Food

Tire Tin Sports equipment Bumper Aluminum can

Wheel Vehicle Hood Tire Race track

Font Motor vehicle Composite material Rectangle Road surface

First Two Pics we’re from my Antique Finds in Menomonie WI
Third Pic was a purchase from a buddy of mine
Fourth Pic were Black Friday adds from Pioneer Racing
Fifth and Seventh Pic Are eBay adds
Sixth Pic are my Circle B Black Friday Adds
Eighth Pic adds from RacecarGraveyard via Instagram
Ninth Pic Kyle Busch/Denny Hamlin Promo Grail via Mercari
Tenth Pic Adds from an Antique Store in Burnsville MN
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