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Although only 11 of them are really worth showing, LOL.

This is the first wave of 70s cars I've done. It isn't the last, in fact, I have several more in progress right now, however, getting decals for them isn't easy.

Except for the 1996 Jeff Purvis, the entire back row is SCM decals on more accurate bodies. They have some inherant problems, as they were sized for...bizarrely shaped bodies, and as such, have some diffaculty conforming to the more accurate bodies. Add to the fact that these decals are pretty dang old...the company went out of buisness in 1992...and it compounds the problems! Note that the Valvoline car has no Valvoline on the hood. The sheet included it in white. Oops on their part! I'm going to have to come up with a Mark Martin sheet to rob the Valvoline graphics for the hood, and I'm going to need to do that 5 times over. Wastefull, but I have little other option.

The really bad one...the Jimmy Means car (77). I attempted to hand cut numbers out of Bare Metal Foil. It worked, somewhat, but went really bad when I used a fine point Sharpie to outline them, still trying for some semblance of accuracy. However, I forgot that only the Professional Sharpie doesn't run when clearcoated. Then, I smudged the silver that was a touch up on it's own. I didn't bother to attempt to fix it much...why bother when it's that bad? I will likely not attempt such a venture in the future again.

The 1989 Rick Mast car was the 100th car I created. The decals were designed for the Lumina, but I had one blurry, grainy black and white shot of the scheme on the Monte Carlo body, and I liked that better and went with it. I don't think it really had a chrome grill, but I did that to signify it as my 100th build. By the way, that's white primer clearcoated, on that one and the Harry Gant car.

There are more, indivigual shots of each here:

They are:
1971 Buddy Baker
1972 Joe Frasson
1972 Buddy Arrington
1977 Coo Coo Marlin
1977 Jimmy Means (sic)
1979 Harry Gant
1988 Greg Sacks
1989 Larry Pearson
1989 Rick Mast
1991 Team III Racing (I know for sure that both Mickey Gibbs and Dick Trickle ran this scheme, other drivers drove for that team as well that season, I do not know if they used this scheme)
1992 Brad Teague Busch
1996 Jeff Purvis

Thanks for looking, and as always...more coming, soon!

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Those are really nice Billy. I especially like the Mopars, the #11, #18 and the #67. I wouldn't hesitate to try the silver foil, and sharpie deal again. I think now that you know the problems, you can make it work next time. Really cool Pal!
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