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little late on nascar muscle cars at k-mart!

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found a full case of 1/64 scale nascar muscle cars in k-mart today. dated 2005. made by action/ rcca. no ma on the packs. wonder where they came from. at $4.99 they will hang a good while.
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Found them at the warehouse is what I was told from the case they hung before xmas.
Isn't there a DJ Mustang in those? If so mine has had them in since November I think.
yep, a dj mustang if i remeber. 57 gordon bel air i think.kahne also and jr.
Did they have any Kahne cars besides the Charger? like the Dart?
Did they have any in the Mopar Barbed wire scheme?
Any Rusty Wallace cars in 1/64?
All of the stores in my area are WAY behind on these cars. :doh:
answer is unfortunately no to all your questions. th dj was a sheby though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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