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Howdy Ya'll,
I've been working a great deal it seems and haven't been around lately.

I've got another bookcase / display case and on this one,
I've tried a different front cover system.

I've drilled a couple of 1/2" holes in the sides of the case and am using magnets to keep the optix (plex-glass) in place.
It appears to be working quite well.

now then, The magnets don't make the best looking display.
I've 'read' about some of you who have 'smaller' hoods in your collections.

I'm un-imformed about these,
So if anybody can help get me some info, I'd be so grateful.

What size are these?
Who makes them?
Who carry's them?
Are there some that have magnets on them?
What drivers/teams?
Price point is about??

If you have a picture that would also help.


Steve "Rapala-Guru"
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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